The Journey

your unique reality“Reality” is uniquely your own.  More than likely you are not crazy just reawakening to humanities inherent gifts.  You can embrace your uniqueness or conform; move forward or stay in your zone of discomfort.

To conform is to hide, repress or deny that which makes you the unique person you are and to hinder progress towards your life’s purpose, goals or desires.  This creates a disconnect or a longing for something that often lacks words; blocks become invisible and distractions become the norm.  Which ever your choices have been, to embrace or conform, this is what you will attract in to your life thus creating your reality.  Most people have an ever changing combination of the two.

So now you do have a choice; stay in the zone of discomfort or move out of this zone to see where the longing or whisper is guiding you.

What our work might look like:

There are infinite metaphorical iterations, existing in zero dimensional space that are but pointers or guidepost to your true, harmonious, authentic self.  The Global Conciseness, The Devine, Spirit or higher self tries many ways and in many forms to get your attention and provide what you need in order to be your fully awakened self;  a whisper at first – a longing.  But if ignored it can become a full blown disease or near fatal accident.   You can learn to hear and heed the whisper and, in many cases, you can undo the damage caused by ignoring whisper to date.

We can look at:

  • Personal energetic alignment between body, mind and higher self.
  • Practice listening to the whisper; your intuition.
  • Define current metaphors within your comfort zone
  • Learn to discern what is authentically you, and not you; separate from external influences.
  • Explore what is currently tugging at you
  • Define blocks
  • Open pathways to connect with higher self
  • Begin to look at what your ideal world looks and how it functions.
  • Learn the tools and gather the resources needed to continue your journey

See Cosmology for a list of potential constructs and metaphors available to facilitate your work.  The goal is to develop your own cosmology and languaging.


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The Art

I admire and honor the ability of a few to capture Spirit, energy and interpersonal dynamics in art.

If you are the creator of any images that grace this site and would like credit for the image, or would like the image removed, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the appropriate action will be taken.

Thank you for sharing your visions.