Confidentiality - Your Energetic Network; Spiritual CounselingConfidentiality is a must and a given.  

In many, if not all, priviate and group situation I have been in, confidientility was discussed. During these discussions I have learned at lot  - espeically that nothing can be assumed. It must be out on the table.


To extend confidenitiliy to the legal system, I became ordained through the The Universal Life Church Monastery, also known as the "ULC". Any and all matters will be held in both ethical and legal confidentiality. See the links below for details.


Pastoral Confidentiality: An Ethical and Legal Responsibility

Clergy Penitent Privilege and Mandated Reporting (USA)


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The Art

I admire and honor the ability of a few to capture Spirit, energy and interpersonal dynamics in art.

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Thank you for sharing your visions.