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May 28, 2015
My work with Ivey has been very intense. He created a safe environment in which to explore something I never knew existed. Ivey educated and inspired me to dive deep and explore ideas and concepts that were new to me. Ivey introduced me to have faith in something I can't necessarily see but in which I can draw strength from. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. If given the chance to work with Ivey grab onto it and expect your heart to open wide open
Kitty Hanson
March 1, 2015
Ivey's ability is a result of the years of dedication in honoring his own "network" so that he may help others connect with their own...he is a wonderful person who walks his talk.
Jeremiah, Amherst, MA
February 26, 2015
Since our meeting Oct. 2010, Ivey has the ability the hold space which allows me to move through certain processes that come up for me. His strong presence and use of lazer communication makes a great model and someone to trust through the process of healing.
Baylen Slote, Burlington VT
January 14, 2015
Working with Ivey helped me ground and strengthen my presence in my body and energy fields. His presence is authentic and powerful and his ability to laser into the heart of the issues that have been holding me back in my life is very valuable! On multiple occasions he was able to guide me out of negative stories in my current life linking them back to their roots in my psychology and energetic being enabling me to make profound and lasting shifts. The more I have worked with Ivey the more these opportunities have been presented, and I look forward to continuing this work throughout my life with such an ally...