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About Ivey aka RunningWater

ivey-hardyQuite often people have asked: “What do you do?”.
Lost for words I would reply: “Depends on who walks through my door.”

Those who walked through my door were my greatest teachers.

Now I can say: “I facilitate people in identifying, accessing and building their energetic network".


Years back when I realized “this was here to stay,” I broke down and bought a massage table. One evening a regular asked me “How did you learn to do the things you do?" because it was more than a massage.


The question stopped me cold because I had not “learned” these things…they came naturally and my energetic network was guiding me every step of the way. It took me years to understand this as a network. Each person was unique, thereby opening up new channels of communication in my network.


Today I look at the whole of these experiences, realizing that each person was working on their own network but limited to a small, small part - together we were only working on a small section. Having seen so many parts I now see that combined they make a mosaic energetic patterns of varying movements and intensities.


With The Shift people are now stepping back trying to view a larger area of the canvas and the open space in which to expand the mosaic. There is a gut feeling or pull that runs contrary to everything we are taught. Some people actually thought they were going crazy - this is far from that. It is an awakening to a truer self.

With both innate and learned skills and abilities, I help people chart their energetic network and/or develop the area they are now in.


The boring stuff:

Atelier Kuthumi - CURSO - MAESTRÍA DEL SERLooking at my astrology chart there are five significant things in Pieces including my sun, moon, ascendent and north node.  My life challenge has been putting my feet on the ground every now and then. All but one of the items read in chart are Above, in the upper hemisphere. My hardest lesson has been not to read people without their permission, it has been not to tell a person what I see until I was sure they were ready. Later the lesson was not "reading" a person without their expressed permission.


My first astral projection came before I was 9 years old. It took a while before I realized others did not see the world from this perspective; yes I was an odd child. As an adult I stayed hidden…yet people tended to find me.


My first paid job was as a “counselor in training” at a summer camp. I deeply resonated with this. Even when I found myself holding mundane jobs in one high tech industry or another I always found time to work or volunteer in the field of counseling or some form of “healing." The duality of technical work and “spiritual counseling” – being of service to others - is a core part of my chart.


A basic truth learned from all of this is that everyone has access to the Universal Consciousness, which is sometimes overly eager to insert itself into our lives. The Universal Consciousness wants to help and wants to manifest in our lives. It is there to help us identify and achieve our life purpose and to accept the hard life lessons with grace. What people, including myself, seemed to lack is the “contextual structure” or mental (mind NOT brain) framework, to let the information in.


Your Energetic Network helps to develop this structure giving you access to the universal knowledge that is available to all.



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The Art

I admire and honor the ability of a few to capture Spirit, energy and interpersonal dynamics in art.

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