A Visual


The Pleiades

As this site came close to being finished, a friend tagged me on Facebook in the above video. Besides being artistically stunning, it speaks to a number of beliefs:

Humanities relationship to the Pleiadians. I began to take this seriously when I realized how many ancient cultures had the same or similar myths regarding The Seven Sisters. Theoretically there was no physical way the cultures would have had contact with each other.

We are light and communicate through light as much as, or more than, we do with words. Over the past few decades much work - both scientifically and energetically - has been done with Biophotons. Though the original equation was written around 1932, it was not unit 1974 that it was put to use. Since then Biophotons have been used to measure the power of prayer circles, crystals and to produce amazing art and music.

In addition, when we get down to the basics, all we consume is light whether second-hand from plants or third-hand from those that eat plants. And as the saying goes - you are what you eat.